Welcome to Partner Search Tool - PartFinder

PartFinder is a solution for research groups that are actively looking for partners or are interested in establishing cooperation with other partners from all around the world. The tool significantly facilitates the creation of national and international research consortia and joint participation in grant competitions.

Access to the PartFinder does not require logging in and in such a basic view the tool offers a preview of the basic data. However, by creating a unique user account, the functionality will be expanded to include the ability to view details of announcements (such as contact details), add your own announcements, create a list of favourite entities or personalize your profile.

Application functionality

Logged in users have the option of posting announcements on scientific-research, business, training cooperation, etc. Within them, it is possible to post information such as: area of interest (according to the OECD classification, with a short description of the proposed project and keywords), expectations regarding cooperation and partners, country, contact information or other information. Announcements can be filtered in terms of e.g. research area, partner type, keywords, call name or date of posting.


We wish you successful and fruitful cooperation in your future projects!

~Partfinder Team